Not ‘Just’ A Prayer Meeting

Some thoughts on why you should attend prayer meetings at your church from 2 Corinthians 1:3-11.

First, God uses prayer to accomplish His work. 1:11

Second, Praying together is a reflection of our sharing together both in Christ’s sufferings and comfort. The context of the verse is the sharing of Christ’s comfort through his death and resurrection. 1:5, 8-11

Third, Praying together is a way that we can share in the sufferings and joy of our brothers and sisters in Christ. 1:6-11

Fourth, Praying for one another is a practical way that we can comfort one another.  Paul had been helped by the prayers of Christians and received comfort from God through their intercessions for him. 1:8-11

Fifth, Praying together produces more praise to God for answered prayer.  Imagine that I make a request in our prayer meeting.  God answers that request and I bring the report back to those who were with me in the prayer meeting.  If three people were present to help me pray and receive the report of answered prayer, then God gets three times the praise than if I alone were praying and praising.  If ten people helped me pray and received the report of answered prayer, then God gets ten times the praise for answering my request. The more Christians that are gathered to pray, the more praise that God gets for answered prayer. 1:11


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