I love books.

I like to be around books. It relaxes me.

I think it’s strange to visit someone’s home and see there are no books anywhere in sight. Sometimes there’s nothing at all to read, at least that I can see. That, to me, is unfathomable.

I also do not understand it when someone visits my home and does not even glance once at the books on the shelves in my livingroom. Aren’t they even curious what I’ve read?

If you have books in your home I’m going to look at every title. I want to know what you’ve read or are planning to read. I think a person’s books tell you a lot about who they are and how they (likely) think.

So, now you know. If I come to your home I’ll be checking out your books – or lack thereof!

And now that I think about it…it just won’t be the same when everyone’s library’s in a Kindle.




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2 responses to “Books

  1. My library will never be in a Kindle. I haven’t even embraced paperbacks.

  2. 1david1970

    I don’t plan on ever replacing my real books.

    I can see the benefit of a Kindle for frequent travelers. Not as a replacement for your books, but as a handy way to bring them with you.

    And when I read that a Kindle book is not really your property it shocked me. You pay for the right to read copyrighted material, but Amazon can delete the book(s) as they see fit.

    Yup, there’s nothing like the real thing.

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