Should I shut this blog down?


I have a place to vent.

I think I have written some helpful articles.

I would like to blog regularly.

I have a desire to write about God.


I don’t like arguments.

I don’t blog regularly.

Time constraints.

I don’t want to be tied to it.

I can post on the church’s blog.



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6 responses to “Should I shut this blog down?

  1. 1david1970

    I’m the wrong person to ask.


  2. One more point: you can write things here that you shouldn’t at your church blog (just because it’s not your personal blog).

  3. Don’t shut it down. There is no reason to feel like you have to write something regularly. But I know that is easier said that done as bloggers tend to feel an obligation to their loyal readers to post something to show that they are still active. Unfortunately, the quality sometimes suffers when one blogs under a sense of obligation. Speaking from experience.

  4. Marc B.

    I vote no.
    I enjoy checking in and reading.

  5. I vote NO! You have an incredible tallent for writing that I wish you would use more. That’s reason #1. Reason #2 is that I have you linked on my side bar and I wouldn’t know how to remove it. #3: My daily internet protocol would be destroyed and at my stage in life, I need order.

  6. I still haven’t decided. Thinking of asking Brett Favre…

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