Accepting John Calvin

If you would like to accept John Calvin as your personal theologian, repeat this prayer (often called the Arminian’s Prayer);

“Grant what Thou commandest, and command what Thou dost desire.”

If you said that prayer and really meant it in your heart, then John Calvin now lives in your head.  Write this date in the front of your Bible so that you’ll always remember that you have asked John Calvin into your head.  And remember, once a Calvinist, always a Calvinist!

Happy Birthday, John Calvin!



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3 responses to “Accepting John Calvin

  1. DJ Cimino

    Funny stuff! Last night I just started reading Godfrey’s John Calvin – Pilgrim & Pastor in commemoration of his 500th b-day.

  2. Okay, I said the prayer, but what do I do if the spirit of Jacob Arminius comes to me later and tries to make me doubt that Calvin is really my Theologian after all. Are there verses or good Calvinistic quotes that I can write in the fly leaf of my Bible for assurance? Please answer asap, because I have other questions.

    • Dad,

      Just point Arminius (or his Arminians) to the date in the front of your Bible.

      Oh, and if you feel you are not ready now, you can accept the Calvinistic work ethic later.

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