Billy Mays

In case you missed it with all of the hoopla over Michael Jackson’s death, Billy Mays died yesterday morning.  This is far more traumatic to me as his new Discovery Channel show, Pitchmen, was quickly becoming one of my favorite shows on TV.

Apparently, Mays ws hit on the head  by some baggage in a plane as it made an emergency landing when the front tires blew out on Saturday.  He went home in in apparent good health and was found dead in the morning.

I don’t know if Mays was a believer or not, and I don’t know about you, but Scripture’s words, “Prepare to meet your God” ( Amos 4:12), seem appropriate.



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2 responses to “Billy Mays

  1. tiphut

    I wrote a post about Billy and posted a few videos and dub …RIP Billy! You were a GOD!

    • tiphut,

      There is no God but the Eternal, Triune God of Scripture. We worship Him through His Son, Jesus Christ who reconciled us to the Father by His perfect sacrifice.

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