The Lord’s Supper Is…

As we are quickly approaching Easter, many churches will be participating in the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper.  Here are some affirmations of what I believe the Lord’s Supper to be.  I hope this will give you something to meditate upon as you prepare yourself for Communion with Christ and His Church during this special time of celebration in the resurrection of our Passover Lamb.

1.   An ordinance from Christ to the Church.

2.   An eulogy of Christ (eulogeo=to speak well of).

3.   A thanksgiving for Christ (eucharisteo=thanksgiving).

4.   A symbol of Christ’s righteous life and atoning death.

5.   A participation with Christ in His life and death.

6.   A fellowship with Christ’s body (the Church).

7.   A memorial of Christ’s life and death.

8.   A sign of Christ’s covenant with His Church.

9.   An act of faith in Christ.

10.  An expression of hope in His soon return.

11.  A means of grace of Christ for the faithful.

12.  A means of judgment of Christ on the unfaithful/unbelieving who partake.

Serious introspection is advised.


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6 responses to “The Lord’s Supper Is…

  1. Jonah

    Context says Passover alone. Much of what you said is correct as long as context is Passover

  2. Here’s one…it’s His body and blood…given that we might have forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation.

  3. Jonah

    He is our Passover Lamb, after all.

  4. theoldadam,

    Symbolically speaking, I would agree.

    But you are Lutheran, right?

  5. Jeremy,


    As Luther said to Zwingli, “This IS my body…this IS my blood.”

    Bill Clinton may have had trouble with that word (is) but we (Lutherans) know there IS no symbolism in it. 😀

    Thanks, Jeremy!

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