Excellent Michael Haykin Interview

The Reformed Forum has an excellent interview with Dr. Michael A. G. Haykin on the The Church Fathers.

Dr. Haykin is one of the greats as far as having an overall knowledge of Church History.  From Jesus to Billy Graham, Dr. Haykin knows it all.  And he is one of the few Baptist scholars who has devoted time to the study of the Church Fathers.

So…Tolle Audite (or Audire???)!!!



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2 responses to “Excellent Michael Haykin Interview

  1. Actually, and I had to consult my Latin dictionary and translation software for this you probably mean tolle audire if you mean take up and hear. But my Latin is incredibly rusty and I have more than likely gotten the tenses all wrong. Since my preferred language is Esperanto its easier to just say: aŭskultu (Listen!)

    That is your geek moment of the day Jeremy

  2. I don’t know. I think the way I have it is in the imperative…but I barely know English…

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