Assuming The Gospel

How many times do we assume the Gospel?  We assume people have heard the Gospel, understand the Gospel, believe the Gospel, and are living in light of the Gospel.  These assumptions are guarantees that we will never lead anyone to Christ.  For the preacher, these assumptions guarantee that he will never preach a true message.  These assumptions are bad.

On the other hand, sometimes it is a good sign of  salvation that we assume the Gospel personally.  Not in the same sense as the above paragraph, but in the sense that when trouble or trials or hardships come in our lives we automatically assume the Gospel for ourselves.  For those of us who believe this is a good testimony of our faith.  When we encounter death, we assume the resurrection, when we encounter injustice, we assume a day of reckoning before the Judge of all the Earth, when we encounter sickness, we assume that God has a far greater purpose and we look forward to a day when all sickness is removed from our bodies.

Then again, this too can be a bad thing if we are not truly in the faith.  We don’t have any right to assume any of those things for ourselves.  So if we assume that these Gospel benefits apply to us when we are outside of faith in Christ, we are deceiving ourselves.

My suggestion then for everyone is that we should think deeply about 2 Peter 1.  Let’s stop assuming so that when we face death, disease, disappointment, and disaster we can rest in the full hope of the Gospel and let it flow naturally from a conscience that has been examined by the Word of God.


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