Weekend Update

Dropped a little behind on my Bible reading, but I have plenty of room to catch up this week.

Read Fear Not! by Ligon Duncan.  I’m a little less than halfway through The Advent of Evangelicalism by Michael Haykin and Kenneth Stewart.

Posted twice on the blog.

I didn’t even weigh-in this morning.  After tomorrow evening’s SuperBowl festivities I’m going to restart my diet.

I didn’t have much of any opportunities for evangelism this week.  The only human contact I made all week was with my family at home, the lady at the drive-thru at Bojangle’s, my boss at work, and more of my family at a funeral Thursday night.



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3 responses to “Weekend Update

  1. Thursday night at the funeral will be an excellent time to speak of Christ and the new life He has promised to give to us after we are laid down for the last time.

    The law (death) is staring them right in the face. Some will be ready to hear the gospel.

    I’ll pray that the Lord will use your words to open the ears and hearts and minds of some folks at that fumeral.

  2. The funeral was this past Thursday. And I did spread the Gospel as much as possible, but because of the format, I had about twenty seconds with each of the people I talked to, and they were all professing Christians.

  3. Jeremy,

    The first people we evangelize are those within the Church. That 20 seconds or so you spent with those folks may have been a nuch needed balm in their Christian walk.

    I’m sorry for being mixed up(what else is new) and for the loss of your family member or friend.

    Keep up the good work, Jeremy.

    – Steve

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