“If I Weren’t a Christian, I’d Get a Mohawk”…

…this is what my youngest son said this past New Year’s Eve.  We were sitting in a Mexican Restaurant, the best place for theological discussions by the way, and out of the blue he says this.  I laughed at first and then asked him if he really was a Christian.

There is so much wrong with that statement, that it would be hard to know where to begin.  I decided to give as complete and detailed explanation of the Gospel as he could understand.  But I have thought off and on about his statement for the past week.  There are three wrong views expressed in the statement.

First, he assumed he was a Christian because his parents are Christians.  He’s always gone to Church and Sunday School, and he reads his devotions at night.  But that does not make him a Christian.

Second, he assumed that because he did not indulge himself in this particular ‘sin’, that he was a Christian.

Third, he assumed that because he was a Christian, mohawks were off-limits.

In other words, he is a legalist.  I can’t think of anything I’ve said that would give him this idea, but do I live my life in such a way as to display legalism to him?  I know my words are on target concerning the Gospel, but is my life on target concerning the Gospel?  Do I live my life as a legalist?  Am I Peter in Galatians 2?  I’ve been asking myself this question ever since that night. 

Sorry.  No answers yet.

It’s something to think about anyway…



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2 responses to ““If I Weren’t a Christian, I’d Get a Mohawk”…

  1. Brian

    Excellent points and thoughts: certainly something for us all to consider about the state of our own hearts and actions. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Jeremy, even if we are modeling a life of Gospel centered grace at all times our children will still fall back on legalism because that’s simply what fallen sinners do with God – we either try to ignore Him (the atheist), or we try to please Him by what we do (the legalist)… at least that’s my initial thoughts on this.

    I, for one, have never noticed any glaring signs of legalism in your life, but that said we are have little pockets of it here or there…

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