Random thoughts

It’s almost Christmas.  What am I going to get Magaly?  My birthday’s coming up.  I wonder if anyone will get me anything this year?  Christmas dinner at church this Saturday evening.  What am I doing?  I’ve got to preach Sunday!  I cna’t even think straight now.  Why can’t I just go somewhere with my Bible without being interrupted?  I bet there will be Pumpkin pie at the Christmas dinner.  Malachi 3:1-4, 4:5, and Mark 1:1-11.  The beginning of the Gospel.  Why is that the beginning of John the Baptist’s ministry?  Or is it just a way of introducing Mark’s Gospel?  Turkey, gravy, rolls, pie…I can’t wait.  I hope David remembers to dribble the ball tonight.  I need to help him more this week.  Daniel’s practice is Friday at 6:00pm.  Maybe I can go with him this week.  Do I need to get them anything else for Christmas?  Why m I wasting time ont he internet?  And why did Bart Barber join Facebook two days ago and he’s already got twice as many friends as I do?  I’m a pathetic loser.  I mean, come on, it’s Bart Barber!  If he’s got twice as many friends as me in two days than I’ve had in a year then I really must be pathetic.  Mark makes me tired.  It’s like Jesus is just running from one place to the next.  Maybe Mark wants to point out that Jesus was not a citizen of this world.  He was here on a mission.  So he doesn’t stop…phone’s ringing.  Gotta go wash my work clothes.  Let me just bring this to a conclusion.  Never mind.  I don’t know how.



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9 responses to “Random thoughts

  1. Can you say “A D D”? I can’t focus either, sometimes.

  2. Bart Barber

    Regarding FaceBook, I’m Open Communion.

  3. Mark,
    Say it? I can’t even spell it!

    Dr. Barber,
    So you’re one of those closet Presbyterians that Ergun Caner likes to talk about, huh?

  4. Rhonda

    I’m very tired after reading your latest. You do go back and forth don’t you… I don’t know if pumpkin pie is on the list or not, but I do happen to have a couple I made in the freezer and they are yummy.

  5. If I was on facebook, I’d be your friend. Unless you didn’t want me to, that is.

  6. Rhonda,
    I’d like to have it thawed if you do bring one.

    Why wouldn’t I want you as a friend? Because you smell funny?

  7. What, you can smell me over the internet? Aw, man . . .

  8. It’s not a bad smell, just funny.

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