Where should I start?

In the days leading up to Christmas I’ll probably be posting a sermon by Martin Luther again.  You can read theLuther sermon from a couple of years ago here.

But in the meantime, and following that, I would like to get some of your suggestions on what you would like me to write about.  Any reasonable topic will be considered.

Tell me now!!!



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5 responses to “Where should I start?

  1. The 5 points and the 5 solas!

  2. You can always tell a Calvinist by his favorite number.

  3. Preach on the incarnation as the fulfillment of the covenant of Grace.

    Preach on all the prophecies related to Christ being born in Bethlehem.

    Preach on what the angel’s announcement to the shepherds meant.

  4. Wow. And I have to preach it too?

  5. I have great confidence in you Jeremy.

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