Preaching through Mark

Beginning the first Sunday in January I will be preaching for 17 Sundays through the book of Mark.  In this series I will be focusing on one question from the text of each chapter, except chapter 14 where there are 2 questions and 72 verses, that gets to the heart of what each chapter is about.

The reason I am taking this approach is three-fold;

1)  Our Church has three Pastors.  Up until now we have been taking turns each Sunday preaching and have not really been able to focus on one book of the Bible.  We believe that our Church needs the benefits of preaching through books of the Bible.

2)  Since we have three Pastors, we decided to divide the year into thirds and rotate through the services.  I will be preaching the first four months on Sunday morning, Charlie Henderson will be preaching Sunday nights, and David Rosati will be preaching Wednesday nights.  Then we will rotate the next four months.

3)  We have more than one Pastor for several reasons.  Besides that fact that we believe a ‘plurality of Elders’ is biblical, we also do not want to have Crossway Baptist Church identified by any one man.  We want to be identified by our loyalty to Christ and sound doctrine.  We as preachers want to be identified as sound in our theology, but we don’t think that any one person’s reputation should rise above that of the Church.



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  1. Sounds great! Very good plan!

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