Online Sermons from Crossway Baptist Church

Messages from the previous Sunday Morning at Crossway Baptist Church are now being broadcast on WLNT from 10:30-11:00 on Sunday Mornings in Loudon (96.1) and Monroe (94.9) Counties in Tennessee and online at   

We are also posting our Sunday Morning messages at our website.  This past Sunday’s message was an excellent message by Charles Henderson titled, “Plates, Prayers, and Priorities” from Acts 6:1-7

Take up and listen.



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5 responses to “Online Sermons from Crossway Baptist Church

  1. Brian

    I checked out your church’s website and am just curious – are you guys an SBC church? Independent? Etc.?

  2. We are not an SBC church yet. We do plan on becoming one in the near future though. Right now I guess we would be considered Independent.

  3. Brian

    Thanks for the quick re-comment. You all are a new plant, I presume?

    I had just seen a link to or a mention of the 2000 Baptist F & M as a statement of belief and was curious. You sound rather reformed in much thinking – that seems to be rather rare in my (soon to be our, I suppose) denomination.

  4. We’re about six months old. We are ‘Reformed’, and hopefully more importantly ‘Reforming’.

  5. Brian

    Thanks for the dialogue. My God bless your efforts and give you increase for your labor!

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