My transcript of last night’s debate

Barack Obama:  I’m a Communist.

John McCain:  I’m a Socialist.

Tom Brokaw:  Could I remind you both one more time about our time constraints?

Barack Obama:  Government is your mommy.

John McCain:  Government is your daddy.

Tom Brokaw:  Both of you just shut up.  We all know I’ve screened all the questions to make sure that Obama doesn’t have to answer anything too hard for him and that he is the winner just by virtue of showing up anyway. 

BO:  Good job Senator McCain.

JM:  Good job Senator Obama.

TB:  I can’t see my teleprompter.



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5 responses to “My transcript of last night’s debate

  1. Great work, that about summed up what the portion I watched too.

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  3. That pretty much sums it up.

    After Obama attacked deregulation and McCain took a pass on responding with, “Wasn’t deregulation, my friend, but your party’s efforts to undermine sound borrowing for home ownership to buy votes,” I knew the debate and election was over.

    If only those that don’t like either will now vote for someone else and send a message that we don’t want another big government Republican as the presidential candidate.

    Remember, you control only one vote and one vote will not affect the outcome. Besides, Obama will win in a landslide.

  4. Shouldn’t that be: Obama: I’m a Marxist communist. McCain: No I’m a Marxist Communist. Obama: No your a Trotskyite! Brokaw: Now John don’t make me stop this debate and declare Obama a winner, which I will do anyway.

  5. Joe

    You saw the same dbate I saw!

    Nice synopsis!

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