Post for the sake of a post

I was just thinking I need to get stop giving Barack free advertisement, so I’m posting this to get him knocked down a little ways on the blog.  That way he won’t be the first thing you see when you come here.  I’m only thinking of you, the reader.

Anyway to undo all the damage I’ve done in giving Obama webspace, I’m going to post the top three reasons I’m not going to vote for him:

#3  He’s against the war on terror.  Disagree?  OK, which part of the war on terror is he for? 

#2  He’s a big government liberal (read socialist).

And the #1 reason I will not vote for Obama…

He’s thinks it’s O. K. to murder babies.

Thanks to Jonathan Moorhead for putting that post together.

A vote for someone else is a vote against Obama!  Tell your friends!


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11 responses to “Post for the sake of a post

  1. hugh akston

    Silly me, I thought a vote for Bob Barr was a vote for Bob Barr.

    Dang new voting machines.

  2. Jeremy Weaver for President! Wait, he’s too young. Vote for me, then.

  3. Yeh, I agree, number 1 is the number 1 reason not to vote for him and to vote for McCain.

  4. I plan on voting for Obama.

    I voted for Jimmy Carter and I feel bad for good ol’ Jimmy. I want someone else to have the title of worst U.S. President…ever.

    (I would have voted for Stalin and Mao, also…but I was declared ineligable)

  5. I also shall not vote for Obama neither shall I vote for McCain. I am tired of choosing between the lesser of two evils. The problem is that we wind up with evil no matter what. Christians should vote for the person who fits the biblically model of a good leader.


  6. I think Christians owe it to their neighbor to bring to bear the best possible government.

    If that means voting for the lesser of two evils…so be it. When has there ever been a situatiion when it hasn’t been between the lesser of two evils?

    The last time I noticed, Jesus Christ was not running.

  7. hugh akston

    I would like to make three points in response to theoldadam:

    (1) My one vote will not be the determining vote in presidential election. Statistically, my one vote has a zero (if I round) probability of determining the outcome. And please no one bring up the dog catcher in a small town that was elected by one vote because the probability would be higher.

    (2) I can only control my one vote. I can attempt to convince others, but ultimately, I only control my vote. I can’t even convince my wife to vote third party.

    (3) I have a obligation to vote for the person I believe would be the best president, regardless of his chances of winning. What if both candidates were pro-abortion, would you still be advocating I choose between the two?

  8. We are now on the bandwagon too. Hope you are well, Jeremy.

  9. Hugh Akston,

    Considering that one of the two were going to win and thereby make decisions that would affect the lives of your family, friends and neighbors…I would say that you have a responsibility to pick the better of the two candidates.

    Your not acting, and convincing of others not to act, may contribute to a lesser quality of life for all the people under the jurisdiction of that office holder.

    This is what the Two Kingdoms Doctrine is all about and why Luther could say that he’d rather be ruled by a smart Turk (Muslim) than a stupid Christian.

    I agree whole heartedly.

    Thanks Hugh!

  10. Again, my one vote will not determine the outcome of the election. The chances are .0000024.

    Besides John McCain supported limiting free speech with McCain Feighgold. Therefore, in my opinion, he is not qualified to be president.

    Now Sarah Palin, I could vote for.

  11. pointnine

    I am very comfortable with McCain and with Palin (McCain was high on my list 8 years ago before the decision got made prior to my state’s primary). BUT, back when everyone was saying Mit Romney or Rudy Giuliani would win the Republican nomination…wow. I was so dreading that situation. Could I bring myself to vote for someone who believes he started life as a spirit baby on another planet and the only way his wife will make it to heaven is if he first calls her secret name (not to mention the position flip-flop strangely coinciding with the different political leanings of a different electorate)? Could I bring myself to vote for a pro-abortion candidate who “of course” doesn’t believe in the Bible as God’s true holy Word? I would have to look to some other measures for how to vote…or I would not vote at all. But Steve makes a very good point: “Your not acting, and convincing of others not to act, may contribute to a lesser quality of life for all the people under the jurisdiction of that office holder.” What a difficult decision that would be. McCain is not perfect (no politician is) but I respect him and believe he’ll be a good president.

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