Barack’s a rock star!

This is NOT an endorsement.  I just thought it was funny.



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5 responses to “Barack’s a rock star!

  1. hugh akston

    That was funny.

    What is not so funny:

    Obama will win.

    The Dems will gain seats in the both chambers of Congress.

    Subsequently, more make-it-up-as-you-go judges will be appointed.

    AND the Republicans are to blame for allowing it because of how they governed when they were in control.

    VOTE Barr or Baldwin. Send a message to the RINOs.

  2. Obama won’t win. I know this because it would make me very unhappy. Joel Osteen said God wants me to be happy. Obama won’t win.

  3. hugh akston

    Kenneth Copeland told me to use my words of faith.

    So I will name it and claim it now: Bob Barr will be the next President.

    There, done.

    By the way, are you sure that wasn’t a video of Carlton from Fresh Prince dancing?

  4. Joe

    Wait a minute! Joel Osteen said God wants ME to be happy.

    Is it possible for us BOTH to be happy?

    Not if Dancer wins.

  5. That almost got an ROFL from me anyway….your right. It’s funny

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