Big Announcement

Here’s the big announcement…

Having recently been somewhat ‘removed’ from the church where we were members, several families have come together in an effort to continue meeting as a church.  We are currently meeting on Sunday evenings in my house where those who attend have to listen to me talk for an hour or so.

Anyway, four of those of us who left the church are preachers.  The four of us met together last Tuesday evening to discuss what our visions for the future are.  We all came up with basically the same answer…Establish a Church in this community that is founded upon the regular exposition of God’s Word in order to reach our area with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to provide a place for the continued growth of others who have been left without a church home through no fault of their own.

I think we have pretty much settled on a name, and we know what we believe, and we know what our vision is for the church, but we still have a lot of work to do in drawing up those documents, taking care of the legal issues, and securing a place for corporate worship.

From all of you out there in blog-land we would request your prayers as we are seeking to fulfill God’s will for our lives as we understand it here in Loudon County, Tennessee.  Above all, pray that God would use the faithful, clear, and uncompromising proclamation of His Word to bring forth fruit.

Thank you.


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13 responses to “Big Announcement

  1. I’ll definitely be praying towards this. I was hoping something like this might develop… May God add His blessing upon it!


  2. Great news! I’m sorry that it had to come to this, but what Satan meant for evil, God meant for good. May God receive glory in your lives as you seek to covenant together to follow His Word.

  3. That is a big announcement. Good news, but sad news, also. May God’s grace be multiplied to all of you.

  4. Good news! I am excited about the new independent, fundamental, Bible believing Baptist Church soon to be established in Loudon county, Tennessee. HEE HEE!

  5. Steve,
    I thought of that verse after I talked to you this morning.

    Right on both counts.

    You’re mostly right…guess which word you got wrong.
    And the ‘HEE HEE!’ freaks me out. See you Wednesday night!

  6. Jeremy –

    What… you mean you don’t believe in the fundamentals?!?

  7. hugh akston

    Don’t mean to pry, but what were the reasons for being removed?

    My God bless your new church.

  8. All right Jeremy may the Lord bless you in your endeavors and may the gospel be preached!

  9. D.T.M.

    Forgive me, I must bring this out

    “Great news! I’m sorry that it had to come to this, but what Satan meant for evil, God meant for good. May God receive glory in your lives as you seek to covenant together to follow His Word.” – Steve.

    What Satan meant for evil? How do you know he was the author of such a thing as this? I’m sorry, I disagree completely with this. You look upon the other situation (which I’m fully aware of), yet completely leave God out of the whole thing. You all don’t even see that it was God’s will the vote went as it did. Call me wrong if you want, but hear me out. Would not the vote have gone the other way if one particular family not left? What pushed them away? Why has all the attempts, letters, politics, scare tactics, etc. to get it reversed failed? Is Satan so strong that your prayers and attempts all fall short? Men, Where is your Faith? Now why don’t you look at it through what God sees. We’re so worried about translations that we’ve completely forgotten our main motive, to save souls. So what if the place went KJV only. If 10 people are saved at that church with KJV only vs. 9 if it had not changed, then that’s 1 more soul saved (hypothetical example). What if 10 people are saved at this church and 10 at your new one, whereas only 10 would have been saved at the first. God is all knowing, and his will is stronger than any of our own wants. Maybe it’s time we prayfully look and ask God his will be done and leave our own out of it.

    I also believe it tears Gods heart apart with these battles and letters we’ve had. It’s time we all, including you Jeremy, put this whole thing behind us and move on. It’s time we stop pointing our fingers calling each other unworthy like the Pharisees do, because we are all wrong. Neither way is “Ungodly”; neither church is preaching falsehood; neither bible is wrong. You, I, and those you mention may attend different churches, but we are all christians. The world is watching us, and if those who see what mess was made turn away from God, we’ve all failed.

  10. D. T. M.,

    I have one question…Do you think that God was behind the split of a Church?

    I have put this behind me. Since you are someone who obviously knows the situation I will email my cell phone number and you can tell me what you have against me in person. Or, just come by the house next week, because I’m in Florida right now.

  11. Rhonda

    Brother D.T.M.
    I want you to know that I accept that the vote went the way it did, what bothers me about the vote is the way it was done, on a Sunday morning, with members that show up for the Sunday morning at 11:00 but they are not there on Sunday and Wednesday nights. You said we are so worried about translations that we have forgotten our main motive, to see souls saved, and that we have left God out, I can truthfully say I have been feeling God with me through this time of change and He has been answering my prayers, if our main motive is to see souls saved tell me how man can make a new law to use only one Bible, are you saying that Jesus told us to use only KJ, I don’t think so, He said to make it plain and run with it, have you tested other versions to the letters written by the followers of Jesus.
    I did not leave because of just this one point, other things were done and said that showed me I need to move on to a closer relationship with God . I love all my brothers and sisters in Christ, I don’t have to agree with everyone, what God puts in my heart, I cannot impose on others.
    May Jesus come today.
    Love in Christ

  12. Man this KJV only thing has a life of its own. It is really tragic how both legalism and liberalism is tearying our fellowships apart. I sort of understand what you are going through. I tried to leave our church a while back over some issues concerning the seeker sensitive direction only to land in a Independent Baptist KJV only church with other issues thinking I was loosing my mind, but I took it all to the Lord, the God of all peace who is not the author of confusion and returned to the original church and something very suprising is going on right now as I watch the Lord sanctify all of us and bring all of us further to our knees and in greater repentance with more desire everywhere to follow the Lord wholeheartedly. It is a strange day we live in. I am Southern Baptist again but we have worked through some issues and are still working through it. Strangely the Independent Baptist Church that was KJV only that we tried to go to had some other problems liberally believe it or not. In between the time my pastor is now going through a horrible trial that is actually serving to bring the word of God out in a greater way. What a strange trial it has been not knowing where to go or turn, but the Lord is good. I will be praying for you Jeremy. I know this has got to be hard. We live in a strange day. I hope this post is somewhat encouraging. This has got to be tough, but as your brother said, “What we mean for evil, God means for good”…. and will with this temptation make a way of escape. Paul and Barnabas had some issues but God continued working in both camps for His great glory.

    Grace upon grace to you,


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