By Jeremy Weaver

Here’s the outline of the last Sunday School lesson I preached taught at a Church of which I was a member. May God use the memory of it to bring repentance.

LUKE 11:46-52

Introduction: Jesus spent much of His time either confronting legalists in His day or warning His disciples about the dangers of legalism. Although there are many more, in these verses we find three marks of legalism, and the reasons they are poison to Christianity.

I. Burdening Men

A. The act of burdening men
B. The inaction concerning the bearing of the burdens

II. Building Tombs

A. The murder of the prophets
B. The burial place of the prophets
C. The punishment for this sin

III. Blinding Sinners

A. The key of knowledge
B. A locked door
C. Hindering those who would enter

Conclusion:The sin of this Church is the same as the sin of the Pharisees and Lawyers. We have taken away the clear preaching of the Scriptures by focusing details. While the legalists in Jesus day were looking at the letter and missing the message, the legalists among us are looking at the translation and missing the message. We have burdened men with a translation that we ourselves have trouble understanding. We have taken the work of the Reformers and Puritans in giving us God’s Word in our language and dishonored their memory by taking away the pure and clear meaning of Scripture and hiding it under a grave of beautiful, archaic language. We have taken the key of knowledge away from poor uneducated sinners who would desire to enter into God’s rule, and put them under our rule, hindering them from entering the Kingdom of God. May God grant us mercy.



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  1. Rhonda

    Jeremy, Thank you for all you have done for us. I thank God for all the men he called to our church the last few years, I have a greater understanding of God’s Word because of all your teachings. Sadly, it seems I will not hear the truth at WBBC now. Hopefully, I will not let all this stop me from searching the Bible for the truth and I will find a teacher to teach me. Keep me in your prayers, I know God will help me. Praise His Holy Name.

  2. Wow Jeremy. That took some boldness to teach that. But I respect it in a Gal. 2:5 sort of way.

    Rhonda, I will pray for you! Your family is such sweet people. Emily, Josiah and I miss you guys! Hopefully we’ll run into each other sometime soon 🙂

  3. Sounds like difficul days for you and your family. I’ll pray for your situation.

  4. CFR

    It goes both ways Jeremy. God reveals to us in his own way, no matter which translation we use. The sin isn’t wanting the archaic way, it’s the struggle between both to have things their way while the world goes unsaved.

  5. Nice post!

    Legalism kills. St. Paul tells us again and again that the law can only bring death.

    It is the gospel that brings life. it is the job of the law to kill us off to our religious projects, so that God’s grace and mercy in Christ may go to work in us.


    – Steve Martin

  6. Bold, but helpful. Not that issue in our church, but legalism shows it’s ugly head in so many ways, definitely needs to be rooted out, drowned out by grace.

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