Inoculated Pagans

We’ve all met them, they are unbelievers who have been exposed to just enough of the “Gospel” to build up a tolerance against it. Its like being infected with cowpox and now smallpox has no effect against them.

Truth be told many times its the “Gospel” that is shown on TBN or that Joel Osteen has talked about (although I don’t know that Joel Osteen has actually talked about the Gospel) so if you talk to them about the wrath of God (Rom. 1:18), or the wages of sin (Rom. 3:23). They hold up their hands and say that they’ve heard it before as they are walking away.

So I’ve have this friend who I’ve worked with for quite some time and we’ve had the discussions about God, evolution, the Bible, interpretation of scripture, Gnostics, reincarnation, truth, we’ve talked about everything.

So his Mom is dying, and I’ve offered him what comfort I can give him, as he said to me he appreciates my concern because I’ve gone through this with both my parents so I know what it is to watch your mother or father fade away from sickness. And I ache to tell him its okay, his mom will be in heaven which I have no possible way of knowing. And he’d thank me politely and smile that patient smile because he is sure she’ll be reincarnated into something else. Which is both horrifying and sad at the same time.

So pray for my friend, pray that God’s will be done and that the true Gospel be presented to him (1 Cor. 15:1-4), that God’s Spirit will open his heart (Acts 16:14), and that God will have mercy on me and give me the right words to say to him.

June 11, 2008

Update: His mother died last night.


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