This Is Where I Am Right Now

Galatians 2, Romans 14, and Luke 11:46-52.

Posting will continue to be sparse.    Bye.



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8 responses to “This Is Where I Am Right Now

  1. What ya say there young man? Looks like Steve has some sort of speech software on his machine where it “reads” him the blog posts aloud. Wish I had thought of that I could retire on a comfortable income.

    On a serious note my brother as you work out your salvation in fear and trembling I pray that the grace given you will continue to grow and be fruitful.


    PS I’ll post now and then here even if they do think I’m you. LOL

  2. theoldadam

    Galatians, Romans, Luke…are you ure you are not a Lutheran?

    – Steve Martin

  3. theoldadam

    That’s ‘sure’…poor edumakation

  4. Now that you mention it, the similarities are staggering. That is, if you mean like Martin Luther Lutheran, not so much if you mean modern day Lutheran.

  5. theoldadam


    Right answer! Atta boy!

    The neo-Lutherans (many of them) are wacked out!
    Marty had it right!


    – Steve M.

  6. Wow. And to think that I thought you were in East TN. You just never know.

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