Going to see Expelled

I’m going with a friend to see the movie ‘Expelled’, tomorrow night.

You can express your displeasure at the movie, Ben Stein, Creationism, ID, my going to see the movie, or my having a friend in the comments.



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5 responses to “Going to see Expelled

  1. theoldadam

    I’ve got a problem with you using the term ‘tomorrow night’.

    If we are not sure how the earth was created, maybe it was not created, maybe it does not exist today, therefore there can be no tomorrow night.

    I could be deeply offended by your statement (if there were something for me to gain – let me think about it a bit – I’ll let you know tomorrow).

  2. Theoldadam,

    I’ve heard of you.

  3. theoldadam

    It’s probably all bad….

  4. Don’t look now, but you’re being axed. It seems they’re brining in a new guy.

  5. Will you be ‘seeing’ it only? Will you hear it? taste the popcorn? Feel the uncomfortable seat?

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