Together 4 the Gospel 4 the Women

Having just returned from the T4G conference, which is a great pastor’s conference, I’m wondering if there is something similar for women?  And if so, how far away from our home is it and would it be safe for a group of women to go alone?

Also, if anyone from T4G happens by to read this, would it be possible to have a Women’s Conference led by some women like Noel Piper, Carolyn Mahaney, Martha Peace, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Joni Eareckson Tada, etc. alongside of the Pastor’s conference for our wives in 2010?  I think I would be more comfortable doing something like this than sending my wife off alone to a conference.



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6 responses to “Together 4 the Gospel 4 the Women

  1. What about Sovereign Grace Ministries? Do they have any specifically for women?

  2. — Piper, Tada, DeMoss, etc.

    How’s that? 🙂

    Spread the word!

    Wes Ward
    Revive Our Hearts

  3. Paula White

    I’ve heard Joyce Meyer puts on a fine conference.

  4. Wow. You once had Joel Osteen commenting on your blog. Now you have Paula White? I dunno Jeremy… you may have to be defrocked from the Band of Bloggers and publicly denounced as a heretic if you don’t start practicing some secondary separation around this place!!

  5. Wes,

    The True Woman conference looks good. Thanks for the heads up.

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