What’s A Conservative To Do?

I guess I have to vote for Huckleberry Hound now.  I had a candidate that I could support, but now I’m reduced to a candidate that allows me to vote against abortion, gay marriage, and the Dems.




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8 responses to “What’s A Conservative To Do?

  1. You know there is only one truly conservative candidate left in the field my friend. Come on…join The Revolution.

    Honestly, while I suppose Huckabee would be my [distant] 2nd option I don’t think he fits the classical conservative position. Check out this post on my blog:

    It cites a Kansas City Star article that has since been pulled down. I quote: “Huckabee represents compassionate conservatism on steroids. A devout social conservative on issues such as abortion, school prayer, homosexuality and evolution, Huckabee’s a populist on economics, a fad-follower on the environment and an all-around do-gooder who believes that the biblical obligation to do ‘good works’ extends to using government — and your tax dollars — to bring us closer to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.”

    I know Dr. Paul’s stance on the Iraq war isn’t in line with what I (or most likely you) want it to be. However, in the remaining field he’s the last one you can call a real conservative (and one that has a track record to prove it.)

    Come on. I gave you a personal invitation on my blog and everything. (http://jeffwright.exaltchrist.com/?p=372) 😀

  2. Welcome to the dark side Jeremy I’ve been here all along.

  3. Jeff,

    It’s not just Iraq. It’s the whole war on terror.
    It’s the fact that Libertarianism doesn’t equal Conservatism.
    It’s the borderline anarchy.

    Huckabee’s a big government guy, that’s for sure, but government does have some responsibilities to it’s citizens. Responsibilities to preserve the peace, to speak up for the speechless, to provide justice, and to ensure an equal opportunity to all it’s citizens. I’m afraid Ron Paul is trapped by an ideology of freedom without accountability. In our system of Government, we the people hold the Government accountable, but the Government is also the means by which we hold each other accountable.

    So, given the choice, I’ll take Huck.

  4. Ah Jeremy. I think that is overstating the case quite a bit. Borderline anarchy? An ideology of freedom without accountability?

    I don’t see the issues the way you do at all. But I do respect you and thus your opinion.

    I only responded because you asked what a conservative should do. And Dr. Paul is smaller federal government, states rights, less taxation – all the classic conservative positions (contra Huckabee’s neoconservativism). That’s not Libertarianism but I’ll grant that more and more when those things are discussed they are associated with Libertarianism.

  5. Hugh Akston

    Ron Paul considers himself a constitutionalist, not a libertarian. As far as the “war on terror” goes, RP would defend the US borders, not other countries’ borders.

    I am skeptical of Huckabee since all of his good ideas he has come to recently and not consistent with his record, just like Romney and McCain. Don’t get fooled again.

    Why the establishment hates Ron Paul by Chuck Baldwin

  6. (sarcasm)Right…’cause we all know Ron Paul supporters would never flood an internet poll with votes….(/sarcasm)

  7. Joe

    In the history of mankind, I never thought I would say such a thing, but if John MacLame is the best we can do, I just might vote for the other guys. Won’t make a difference as far as I can tell.

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