Handel’s Messiah for the Hearing Impaired

Notice how at one point one of the nun’s wimples has been knocked over her head by the other nun and so she is now doing this with her face covered by her veil.

HT: Fred Butler



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13 responses to “Handel’s Messiah for the Hearing Impaired

  1. I love how the little one second from the right jumps for the high notes.

    Too funny. I have already forwarded it to people.

  2. Joyce Antolikq

    For those of us slightly visually impared,how about a means to go to full screen?

    for those of usmwho are

  3. Joyce click on the You Tube symbol in the video you’ll be taken to the You Tube website where you will have more options including the ability to view this full screen.

  4. Margie Dunsdon

    This video is SO funny–but where was it performed/filmed?

  5. This made me laugh. Very well done. Margie if you click through to YouTube you can see that it is the Turtle Creek Chorale, a men’s chorus who performed this. I wondered why the nuns had so much facial hair, now I know 🙂

  6. Hilarious! Wonderful Music as well! Praise the Lord! So good that believers can enjoy the Lord & His people together in fellowship! Thank you so much for posting this! God Bless.

  7. C.Manning

    It is my understanding that this is being performed by theTurtle Creek Chorale which is comprised entirely of gay men. Although funny and each of these men deserve to know Christ and should not be outcast I consider this performance another gay bash against the Catholic church and more so against Christ. Humor is often used as a distracting tact by the enemy.

  8. Wow its amazing that a post that was a over a year old is being commented on. Since this is something I saw over at Fred Butler’s blog and brought it over here for its humor I’m going to say that I didn’t think it was necessary to do an FBI background search on the chorale’s membership nor their alliance. As for bashing the RCC well your entitled to your opinion. As for bashing Christ I believe your stretching the point.

  9. C.Manning

    Mr. PB, It was not necessary to do an FBI background check when I have a family member who is a chorale member and I recognized who this group was immediately.I think it’s funny that you thought that’s what I did. Did it ever occur to you that there are those out there who recognize the enemy’s tactics when they see them. I do find in PECULIAR that a christian web site, would think a bunch of gay men dressing as nuns would be something to pass on as respectable humor. You are right we are all entitled to our opinions. It is just that, an opinion, but isn’t that what your entire webpage is about? As far as how old this post was I had only received this in an email recently and your webpage is current isn’t it? Obviously or you would not have responded.

    And last but not least, if you would take any time at all to look into the gay community in general you would find they are notorious for bashing the catholic church, even recently invading a catholic church and disrupting their services to make their crude point. They are obsessed with making fun of the church. I am not catholic nor do I agree with their doctrine, but they are followers of Christ and my brothers and sisters in Christ so I find it PECULIAR you can not see the connections. Perhaps your posting name is appropriate.
    Perhaps you should be more careful about what you post on this webpage.

  10. Okay CMANNING I can use caps also, so now what I find PECULIAR is that if you look at the original post you’ll see that HT: Fred Butler which means I first saw it there at Fred Butler’s blog Hip and Thigh. Fred’s is also a “christian web site” and has blogged on many occasions about “gay apologists”. Yet I don’t see any comments from you there. Strange its almost as if your just picking on Doxoblogy, why didn’t you castigate the source of my information?

    Last and I do mean last, Jeremy the owner of this blog, has changed this blog into something that specifically deals with his church and what is happening there. And as I am not a member of his church nor am I any further a member of this blog but rather just a reader and admirer of its owner I suggest you take this someplace else, or find someone who cares about your ranting because I don’t and this is the last bit of troll food your going to get from me.

    Now go away and play nice.

  11. C.Manning

    Blaming Fred Butlers blog for your actions is like blaming the cigarette companies for the reason others smoke. I don’t know who he is nor do I want to. I found this on your site when it was sent to me by a friend. You are a mean spirtited little guy. Can’t stand an adult constructive conversation? Don’t worry I won’t be back.

  12. Just to chime in for a moment,

    This is my blog, all content, whether contributed by Peculiar Baptist or others who have contributed here in the past or may contribute in the future is approved by me.

    I thought the video was funny, and even if the chorale is made up of gays, it is not disrespectful AT ALL towards Christianity and this blog will not be used for ‘gay-bashing’. I think homosexuality is sin, but I also think that homosexuals are not less than human.

    Finally, the presence of this video and the fact that I can watch it and laugh does not mean that I condone their lifestyle.

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