This Is Where I Am Right Now

I’ve been back from Florida since Sunday night, but I’ve been busy doing all the things a preacher/father/husband/employee/slacker/student/church member does when they’re not blogging.

I promise to answer your questions to the best of my ability…soon. Sorry for the delay. I’ll probably answer them this weekend sometime and then stagger the answers over the coming week.

[braggadocio] Oh yeah! I was quoted in the current issue of Decision magazine (December 2007, pg.37), so watch how you talk to me from now on. [/braggadocio] 🙂



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7 responses to “This Is Where I Am Right Now

  1. Congratulations on the quotation in Decision magazine!

  2. Good, I won’t have to cue the crickets chirping. *s*


    Welcome back, hope your holiday was edifying and refreshing.

  3. Congrats Jeremy I’ll have find some Christian Book store and pick up the issue.

  4. Happy new year to everyone here!

  5. HERE!, here, here, ere, re,…


  6. So, have you come up with anything in regards to the question I posited?

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