Amazing Grace: Movie Review

I first learned about William Wilberforce about fifteen years ago while listening to a Breakpoint broadcast until then I knew nothing about this Christian abolitionist. However, I found that I was one of the few people in my circle of Christian friends that had any idea of what this man did and why he did it.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I read that they were going to make a film about this man and his goal to end the slave trade in Britain. I was also pleased to learn that this was to be made by the same people who made Ray because I really wanted this to have high quality production values that I haven’t always seen with some films about Christians.

So I was able to rent this yesterday, actually my daughter rented it for me, and I sat down to watch it. This movie was extremely well done it shows Wilberforce’s struggles against what seems the entire British parliament at times. His health problems, his friendship with John Newton.  Not to mention his conflicts about whether living the Christian life meant that he should invovle himself in politics.

So if you can I would highly recommend renting or purchasing this film and sitting down with your friends or family and learn about this great Christian saint.


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  1. We watched it. Very good. Made me want to haul out my Churchill and reread about the Pitt era.

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