How Should a Calvinist Respond to Arbuckle?

By Jeremy Weaver

I think the first response for all Calvinists that are part of any Association is to be involved in their local Association.  If there are any Calvinists in Arbuckle Association they apparently were not present at this annual meeting.  It doesn’t do a lot of good to scream foul after the fact.

If you are a Calvinist in Arbuckle Association, then show up for the annual meetings and let your voice be heard.  Here was a missed opportunity to get the truth about Calvinism a fair hearing.  There is nothing more healthy for an Association or denomination than a debate on theology, as long as we understand what is essential and what is non-essential.

Second, on a State Convention level, Calvinists should obviously oppose such a recommendation concerning Calvinism.  While this recommendation obviously shows a zeal for truth, it shows it in the wrong way.  If you want to oppose Calvinism, then oppose it in an open debate.    Although I’m not sure what kind of weight this recommendation actually carries in the State Convention, since historically Associations are not technically part of State Conventions just as State Conventions are not part of the Southern Baptist Convention.  I think that if the pastor that came up with this recommendation wanted to present it, with the support of other like-minded Churches, then the proper way would have been to submit the recommendation from an individual or a Church and not the Association.  I’m also not sure what kind of action is meant to be taken on this recommendation.  Is it simply a bypass of the regular voting of the Conventions and therefore not to be brought up at the State and National Conventions?  Or is it a resolution meant to be voted upon by the messengers of the Conventions?

Finally, the Calvinist should respond by remaining firm in their convictions and loving our brothers and sisters in Christ despite what we perceive to be an attack.  We don’t know the attitudes and intentions meant in this recommendation.  For a little background, you can read this post by Wes Kenney.  I agree wholeheartedly with my non-Calvinistic brother Kenney in his sentiments.


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