Ask the Doxoblogist

By Jeremy Weaver

 It’s been a while since I’ve put myself on the line like this, but it’s time for another round of ask the Doxoblogist.  Ask me absolutely anything…especially if it’s about the Bible and theology.  Just keep it clean.  My wife and boys look at this blog.



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10 responses to “Ask the Doxoblogist

  1. What should be the Calvinist response to actions by associations like Arbuckle? I have my thoughts, I’d be interested in reading yours. Great blog, by the way. Love the Sith gig.

  2. When attempting to apply Reformed doctrine to everyday life, should the belief in a specifically Sovereign God shape our answer to the question of Contraception use?

    Why or why not? In what way, and to what degree?

  3. Explain the biblical basis for soul competency.

  4. I’m not sure there is a biblical basis for Soul Competency, Pete.
    I think the doctrine is a breeding ground for heterodoxy. That’s not saying that I disagree with everything the doctrine states, but taken all together as a whole I think it’s dangerous.

  5. Brian Thornton

    At what point did Jesus know He was God?

  6. Brian,

    I think the answer most consistent with the fact that Christ was two natures in one person would be, “Always.”


    I’m still thinking.

  7. Brian Thornton

    In light of His two natures, did Jesus in His divinity actually know when He would return, even though He said that only the Father in heaven knows?

    If He truly did not know at all, wouldn’t that mean He wasn’t omniscient, and therefore not really God?

  8. Jeremy,

    When Christ tells the Pharisees the only excuse for divorce in Matthew 19:9, is He suggesting forgiveness still (in a veiled way) as He was just previously in Chapter 18, or is sexual immorality a truly valid excuse to NOT forgive your spouse and divorce them?

    Beyond that, if a person was married and divorced for a reason other than sexual immorality, then re-married, and afterwards became a Christian; are they committing the sin of adultery every day because they weren’t legitimately (by Christ’s standard) divorced to begin with?


  9. Jeremy:

    Then do me a favor, since I am not nor have ever been a member of the SBC, explain the doctrine to me (or everyone who reads the blog) using the SBC reasonings and then show the errors. I ask this because someone brought this up to me the other day and I didn’t know what he was speaking about.

  10. I’m heading out to Florida tomorrow evening, so I’ll answer these when I get a chance. I’m taking my laptop, but I’m going to be at my parents’ house, so it may be next week before I post again.

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