Quote of the Week

…I wonder if the reason many pastors have gone to topical messages is to satisfy the expectations of people wanting something exciting and entertaining.  I mean, which sermon title would draw you to listen, “Seven Sensational Secrets to Success”, or “Continuing Our Study in Romans Chapter 9”? – Steve Green, Extraordinarily Ordinary



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6 responses to “Quote of the Week

  1. “Continuing Our Study In Romans 9″… for sure!!

  2. Very good. Steve is actually the brother-in-law of the president of DTS. It was fun to meet Steve one day on campus.

  3. … do you mean draw ME, or draw generic public crowds?

    Those would requre different answers.

    “Continuing OUR Study” would imply committment to and faithfulness within a local body, would’t it?

    How Draconian!

  4. Too bad. I tried to write in the html code symbols around ‘how draconian’ but replacing ‘bold’ or ‘italics’ with “sarcasm”. It didn’t work.

  5. That’s ok. I get sarcasm.

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