Jay Smith on the New Testament versus Muslim Traditions

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3 responses to “Jay Smith on the New Testament versus Muslim Traditions

  1. Great argument for the Bible vs. Koran! How little we know about Islam and it behooves us to learn more, I think.

    And yet we have divisions over a few verses, or words being found questionable (Mark 16:9-20). I learned early on that the Bible is the best attested ancient document there is with more extant and verifiable copies than anything else including the ancient philosphers. 2-3,000 times more evidentiary documentation even when you don’t include the scripture quotes in the writings of the church fathers(correct me if I’m wrong!).

    Thanks for posting this. Where’s the restaurant? 🙂

  2. Restaurant? Well you know if your referring to the video then I would say its the local mall. If that is what your referring to. However, my family once owned a restaurant which still exists in in Wenatchee.

  3. Lol @ “Bible vs Koran”. There is no competition with these sets of scriptures but only in the hearts of people that fail to come to terms with Almighty God being All Embracing and not limited to one book.

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