Baptism post…

…tomorrow night. Tell all your friends.



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5 responses to “Baptism post…

  1. Kewl I can hardly wait. You going to answer the burning question of how many times you are suppose to dip them before its official?

  2. Well, I am looking forward to reading your thesis (which is what is normally required) or could it possibly be as concise as your post about creation? In any case, I hope you are feeling and doing better and that God blesses your efforts to expound on this subject.

  3. What ever happened to this post you were going to write for me:
    “Christ’s Death As Our Liberation From Sin And The Degree To Which We Have Been Liberated.”
    Was that an empty promise you made so long ago?

  4. I think the title says it all, Rose.

  5. No, it is just a teaser.

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