Fuller on Religion and Politics

Finally, there is another species of departure from God, which it becomes me to notice, as many in the present age have fallen sacrifices to it. This is, TAKING AN EAGER AND DEEP INTEREST IN POLITICAL DISPUTES.- The state of things in the world has of late been such as to attract the attention, and employ the conversation, of all classes of people. As success has attended each of the contending parties, the minds of men, according to their views and attachments, have been affected; some with fear and dismay, lest their party interests should be ruined; others with the most sanguine hopes, as if the world were shortly to be emancipated, war abolished, and all degrees of men rendered happy. This is one of those strong winds of temptation that occasionally arise in the troubled ocean of this world, against which those who are bound to a better had need be on their guard. The flattering objects held out by revolutionists were so congenial with the wishes of humanity, and their pretences to disinterested philanthropy so fair, that many religious people, for a time, forgot their own principles. While gazing on the splendid spectacle, it did not occur to them that the wicked, whatever name they assumed, would do wickedly. By observing the progress of things however, they have been convinced that all hopes of the state of mankind being essentially meliorated by any means short of the prevalence of the gospel, are visionary, and have accordingly turned their attention to better things. But some have gone to greater lengths. Their whole heart has been engaged in this pursuit. It has been their meat and their drink: and this being the case, it is not surprising that they have become indifferent to religion; for these things cannot consist with each other. It is not only contrary to the whole tenor of the New Testament, but tends in its own nature to eat up true religion.

THE BACKSLIDER: His Nature, Symptoms and Recovery by Andrew Fuller


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