With this post I have officially completed the pledge I made on Sunday (to post every day this week).  I did, and now I’m whipped.

I’m going to have to wait to respond to NWProdigal till next week, hopefully Monday, because I just don’t think I can sit in this chair right now.  I had to go to work today to finish up some stuff and it took a lot longer than I thought it would.  I also had a great opportunity to help out at Church this afternoon, but this is all I can muster now.  I’m headed to the recliner.

I’ve  got a good start on the post, and I think I have a good title for it, too.  Augustine, Calvin, Simons, and Divine Revelation.

See you next week!  Spend the Lord’s Day with the Lord’s people hearing the Lord’s Word!



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4 responses to “Whipped!

  1. Jeremy,

    If you get a chance this weekend, check out Dave Black Online. You may be familiar with him, but he hs a great series he just completed on Anabaptists I think you’d profit from reading. When you get the chance my friend.

    Have a blessed and restful weekend!

  2. What? A post just to say “this is a post”? That doesn’t count! For a post to count, it has to say something! Who do you think you are? Me?

  3. I thought people in your neck of the woods said “Wupped” instead of “Whipped”

  4. Ah thank day’s an ‘r’ in thar somers.

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