I get e-mails…

Most I classify as a Hormel product and place it in the appropriate folder.  Sometimes however, I get some from a dear brother in the Lord who tends to ask me questions that require me to spend some time in the word. 

So what do you do with false professors?  What do you do with those who confess Christ as Lord with their mouths but act as if he isn’t with their lives?

What if they are your sons?  What if after X number of years in so called Sunday School they reject the teachings and live as they want.  What do you do if the church you attend say:  “Oh boys will be boys thats normal.” 

So what do you do? 



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4 responses to “I get e-mails…

  1. Pray, continue to broadcast seed, and remain consistent. If you do, then when he falls he will have somehwere to come back to, somewhere where he knows what he is getting, unike in the world where he got lost and confused and battered. Our consistent witness will be like a shelter when the inevitable storms of life come his way.

  2. J.D. I guess the frustration lies in my brother’s looking at the church and not seeing it be the church with regards to preaching the gospel, church discipline, making disciples. If he is raising his children one way and they are hearing something different at church then what is he to do?

  3. All other things being equal of course (you know, he prayed about it, talked to the leadership, etc.)

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