Still Amill (Updated)

NOTE:  Russell Moore is not Progressive Dispensationalist.  In reading his book I got that impression, but it turns out I was wrong.  Which probably explains why I agree with his view of the present realities of the Kingdom.  In any case, the post is still pretty accurate.

Just in case you were wondering, my endorsement of Russell Moore’s book on the Kingdom of Christ doesn’t mean that I’ve changed my views on the Millennium.  I’m still right.

There are many who make assumptions about Progressive Dispensationalism or Amillennialism that are incorrect.  As far as I am concerned, as far as the book deals with the Kingdom of Christ, Progressive Dispensationalists and Amillennialists are in harmony.

Of course, I think that the Progressive Dispensationalist holds that view of the Kingdom inconsistently, but he does in fact hold to it. 

The tension only begins to appear when we begin to discuss whether the thousand years are literally one thousand years to be fulfilled in the future, or a symbolic number representing the fullness of the Church age which has it’s future fulfillment in the eternal state.

From there the tension grows as the Progressive Dispensationalist seems content to receive his reward of a temporal Kingdom, while the Amillennialist receives his reward of a Kingdom that lasts forever.

But as for the right here, right now aspect of the Kingdom, Dr. Moore’s book is a must read…especially if you are a Progressive Dispensationalist.



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3 responses to “Still Amill (Updated)

  1. Robbie Sagers

    Jeremy, Dr. Moore is a historic premillennialist, in the tradition of such theologians as George Eldon Ladd and Irenaeus. It was good to see you in Lenoir City! In Christ, Robbie

  2. Oops! Sorry! I’m no better than Wade Burleson, am I?
    I think I fixed it though.

  3. Well as Amill is a subset of Post-Mill I’ll grant that you are still right, mostly. ;^{)

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