Peculiar Baptist

So this is just as a means of introduction.  My name is Peter Nelson, I live in the Pacific Northwest.  I’m not an elder, nor a pastor of a church I’m an over educated member of the laity.  I work in Technology mainly managing a group of technicians with a little programing on the side (Delphi, learning VB.Net).

I’ve been married for over thirty years and all my children are grown. 

I tagged myself as “Peculiar Baptist” because I was raised Lutheran in the most liberal of all Lutheran denominations.  But I came to Christ through the preaching of the gospel by a Baptist preacher.   After I had gotten married my wife who had been raised in the Methodist denomination wanted out of the Lutheran church because she thought it was too “Roman Catholic”.  So we bounced around many non-denominational churches (Baptist really none of them practiced paedobaptistm).  About fifteen years ago or so I started studying Reformed theology and I haven’t looked back since.  I am a Reformed Baptist, with Baptist covenant theology as my system (not NCT).  I met Jeremy over the web when I ran a blog called Peculiar Baptist and disagreed with him regarding the uses of the Law and the Christian.  Wonders of wonders he invited me on his blog. 

About three months ago I was diagnosed with a large tumor (five inches in diameter)  attached to my stomach and the doctors operated on it and removed it completely.  I’ve just come back to blogging.  Jeremy was kind enough to allow me to return again. 



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3 responses to “Peculiar Baptist

  1. You could call yourself ‘Pectacular Baptist’.

  2. Not and keep a straight face while doing it Jeremy.

  3. DJ Cimino

    Glad you are back, Peter. And glad everything is OK now with the health situation you found yourself in. Welcome!

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