Theology Quiz: Answers

Thanks to everyone who took the quiz it was interesting to see your comments. Here are the answers:

  1. Jesus was fully God, but only appeared to be human A: FALSE – Docetism cf. 1 John
  2. Jesus was created by God before all things A: FALSE – Arianism
  3. Jesus was part man and part God A: FALSE – Nicene orthodoxy demands that Jesus was fully God and man
  4. In the Old Testament, God was known as the Father, in the New Testament as the Son, and after Pentecost as the Holy Spirit A: FALSE – Modalism
  5. Jesus only died spiritually on the cross A: FALSE – Taken from Gloria Copeland, God’s Will for You
  6. God exists in 3 separate persons, who are only one in purpose A: FALSE – Taken from Jimmy Swaggart, Dake Annotated Study Bible
  7. Our salvation is based upon perfect obedience to the Ten Commandments A: TRUE – While our salvation is not “personally” based on the Ten Commandments, it is based upon the law nonetheless. The Bible makes clear that God demands perfect conformity to his law, even though all have sinned. But all those who trust in Christ have their sins forgiven & are given the righteousness of Christ (i.e. his moral obedience) to wear like a robe. (see John 17:19, Matt 5:17 & Rom. 5). In short, we are saved by Christ’s fulfilling the law in our place, as well as his dying for our sins on the cross
  8. For we know that we are saved by grace after all that we can do A: FALSE – Taken from The Book of Mormon (2 Nephi 25:23)
  9. I am saved because of my decision to accept Christ A: FALSE – See John 1:12-13; Rom. 11:5-8, Ephesians 2:8-10. If we our saved by our own decision, then certainly, we would have something to “boast” about, and salvation would not be by grace alone
  10. People who have never heard the gospel are innocent and go the heaven A: FALSE – See Romans 1:20
  11. The Bible teaches that there is an age of accountability, that children who die before this age go to heaven because they are innocent A: FALSE – There is no such text, but David speaks of being sinful from conception (Psalm 51:3)
  12. If I die with unconfessed sin, I will go to hell A: FALSE – Taken from the Roman doctrine of last rites; purgatory
  13. There are certain sins that I can commit which will cause me to lose my salvation A: FALSE – See Rom. 8:28-39 & Rom. 7
  14. The Holy Spirit living inside me enables me to live a victorious life so that I am acceptable to God A: FALSE – We are acceptable to God by Christ’s work on the cross (1Cor 1:30-31, Heb. 9-10), and even in our sanctification we are never victorious until we enter into glory (Phil 3:12, James 3:2)
  15. Justification is the process by which a person, through faith in Christ and sorrow for his sins, receives the gift of the Holy Spirit and so becomes a child of God A: FALSE – Justification is not a process, but a forensic declaration (Rom 4:5, 8:30-33). The question was taken from Kenneth Baker, Fundamentals of Catholicism, p. vol. 3 p. 57)


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8 responses to “Theology Quiz: Answers

  1. That’s what I was going to say.

  2. That’s not fair! #7 was a trick!

  3. Tim A. Blankenship

    I see what you are saying in #7.

  4. Peter Nelson “wrote” these posts, Tim.

    I think he got them from The White Horse Inn. Just so we’re clear on the intellectual properties.:-)

  5. “I am saved because of my decision to accept Christ A: FALSE – See John 1:12-13; Rom. 11:5-8, Ephesians 2:8-10. If we our saved by our own decision, then certainly, we would have something to “boast” about, and salvation would not be by grace alone ”

    I LOVE IT!!!

    I chuckle here because of all the “proof” offered up on other blogs that states that faith is no more a gift then your next breath of air.

  6. Great Quiz.

    However, I think the theology behind #7 is faulty, a result of human reasoning, and not good exegesis.

    Commonly called something like “imputed active obedience”, the concept has been passed down from the Westminster Confession and spread widely. I’ve found that most accept it because their mentors teach it, without really thinking it through. Even the verses given in the Confession are flimsy and unrelated.

    The basic idea is that somehow Jesus ATTAINED or ACHIEVED righteousness that He didn’t previously have, and that’s why I think the doctrine is dishonoring to Christ.

    An example is “The Gospel of Jesus Christ: An Evangelical Celebration” which is all over the Net including here.

    In article 13 of “Affirmations and Denials” they wrote. “We affirm that the righteousness of Christ by which we are justified is properly his own, which he ACHIEVED [emphasis Terry’s] apart from us, in and by his perfect obedience.”

    Jesus ACHIEVED righteousness?!! Then when did He not have it?

    I realize that I stand against 125 heavyweights here, but who cares? The Bible says that by “one act”, singular, (or “one man’s act” in some readings… but still singular) justification became ours (Rom. 5:18), not by 33 years of acts.

    It’s true that Jesus fulfilled the Law. It’s true that He obeyed the 10 Commandments perfectly. No dispute there. But this DEMONSTRATED the righteousness He always had, and AUTHENTICATED Him as the Messiah. It didn’t ACHIEVE His righteousness.

    To say less is to dishonor the Always Righteous One.

    I always enjoy your blog, brother Jeremy!

    Terry Rayburn

  7. Actually Jeremy “typed” or “Copy and paste” would probably be the best description. And yes this was originally from the good people at White Horse Inn but I don’t think they still have it at the website.

  8. Nobody at the White Horse Inn is saying that Jesus Attained or Achieved Righteousness that He did not have–nor would I–I believe you are misunderstanding the point here.
    BUT Christ did fulfill righteousness for us–we could not–He had to.
    ANd he did fulfill righteousness–look at His baptism. He certainly did not need to be baptized, but chose to do so–same as other things He did.
    That is the meaning of that–not the error you say it means.

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