Evangelical Jargon

This is a relatively new term…


Does anyone know what it means?  I’ve tried to figure it out, but the definition seems a bit fluid.  It means different things to different people.

Tell me what you think it means.



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12 responses to “Evangelical Jargon

  1. I’ve got three or four links to some things that have helped me out quite a bit but I won’t clutter up your blog with them. I’ve reposted them today for your convenience.

    “…the word of God is not
    –2 Timothy 2:9

  2. Brian Thornton

    The initial response that this conjures up for me is that of a social gospel…going out and doing good things because of which people are won to Christ.

    I know this may not be the official definition of the term, nor is it probably the mindset of many who call themselves missional. My own reaction, though, is to think of a social gospel when I hear the word missional. I know that may offend some, but I can’t deny my first impression, can I?

    I certainly admit that there is nothing wrong with the church doing good things in the world (visiting orphans and widows is certainly one of the church’s mandates, and is described by James as pure and undefiled religion).

    But I don’t believe that should be the church’s first and main objective. The church’s primary objective is to shine the light of Christ (the lampstand in Revelation which holds the Light)…to go into all the world and DISCIPLE (teach) the nations.

    The result of people truly won to Christ through the true gospel should be good works that flow from a heart of gratitude to God, resulting in a church that cares for others (missional?). But I don’t know that good deeds should be used necessarily as the catalyst for spreading the gospel. Am I in trouble now?

  3. P.D. Nelson

    Missional means to me a post-modern equivalent to what the Bible calls us to do.

  4. nwhite

    Missional means that you like Mark Driscoll…

  5. I seldom hear the word except as half of the statement “_________ schmissional!”

  6. Missional is codespeak for emergent.

  7. Jeremy,
    Long time my friend. I confess to using the term “missional” and have also found the definition to be very fluid. When I use it, I seek to mean that we, as God’s people, are to see the mission outside of the walls of the Church. Missions is not just for the professionals willing to move to a foreign country, but also for the housewife dealing with unbelieving neighbors. It is for the student dealing with gothic classmates or the plumber dealing with a distraught and flooded family. It is the daily mission we all have to be the light into a dark world.

  8. Thomas Twitchell


    A place for storing or doing missions. Or, sometimes used to refer to all missing ions. In the Sion spring pagent one lucky lassy is named Miss of all, hence, Missional. During certain seasons of the year one is hung from the ceiling and if someone is caught under it the get a kiss. Where Al has gone.

  9. It’s the word of the year. We get a new word of the year every year, because we have short attention spans. We mistake age for irrelevance, be that age of a word, age of a person, or age of a custom. In a year or so, missional will sound quaint and old, and we will replace it with a word that has more relevance and panache.

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  11. When anyone at my church says “missional,” they are met w/ the searing laser of a glib and sarcastic comment from me. But I’m nice about it.

    Thus, “missional” = that word that, when said, is met w/ the searing laser of a glib and sarcastic comment from me. But I’m nice about it.

  12. A missional church is led by social and political liberals that make the Bible and their theology conform to their world view. This of course is backwards as we should make our world view conform to Scripture. A missional church and emergent village church is the same thing.

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