John Calvin’s Hermeneutic

These quotes by Calvin was recently listed on Pulpit Live Blog.

[The] error of allegory has been the source of many evils. Not only did it open the way for the adulteration of the natural meaning of Scripture but also set up boldness in allegorizing as the chief exegetical virtue.

[And in a different place]

Let us know that the true meaning of Scripture is the genuine and simple one, and let us embrace and hold it tightly. Let us . . . boldly set aside as deadly corruptions, those fictitious expositions which lead us away from the literal sense.   Online Source

Fact #1  Calvin was a Literalist.

Fact #2  Calvin was not an Allegorist.

Fact #3  Calvin was not a Premillennialist.

This means one of two things;

1. Calvin was an inconsistent Literalist, or,

2. Calvin’s Literal Hermeneutic did not make him a Premillennialist.

 Talk amongst yourselves.



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4 responses to “John Calvin’s Hermeneutic

  1. prophet of God

    What are you on about? you are so lost. Of no use what so ever.
    What about Jesus. What about God?
    You sir are a poor excuse for a Christian. But then again your not are you!
    What about Jesus and His soon return?
    We have war and rumor of war and you want to talk about Calvinism.
    Famine, earthquakes in divers places, and you want to talk about nothing of relevance. Just like hearing your own voice and your own intellect.
    Your not a Christian your a tare.
    You don’t have faith only intellect.
    If you spent more time getting to know God as writing down all this rubbish, you’d be holy, pure and righteous.
    Judgment day is coming soon and you?

    Many on that day will say, “but Lord we did this, that , and the other in your name”
    and Jesus replied, ” get thee from me for I know you not, you who practice iniquity.
    You need to repent Jeremy. All this is of flesh not of spirit. Intellect and not spirit and truth.
    Talk for the sake of talk, but not leading unto Godliness. Having a form of Godliness but denying the power there of.
    You are lost Jeremy, full of your own iniquity. A man full of pride.
    Maranatha, the prophet of God.

  2. real prophet of God

    My, my I forget to lockdown my computer and some imposter comes along and uses it for his own nefarious purposes.

    Right on point Jeremy if chiliastic views of the pre-mils are based upon literal interpretation then a literal interpretation should always point to that view.

    Contra tenebras lux- the real prophet of God.

  3. DJ Cimino

    This is very strange. Someone who doesn’t have the decency to give his/her name, attacks (to the point of determining the status of his salvation) Jeremy becuase of Calvinism. The strange thing is that this post doesn’t even mention Calvinism. Strange indeed.

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