Cool Stuff

I’ve been working on a couple of different blog projects the past few days. Hopefully everything will be set by next Monday. But let me go ahead and tell you some of it.

I’m going to be moving to WordPress. If you are linked to this blog, then all you have to do is change the ‘blogspot’ part of the address to ‘wordpress’ and you’re done! All of the posts from here + all the posts at Old Doxoblogy have migrated over, and are available for viewing now. I will not officially begin posting there until Monday, but you are welcome to go take a look.

And the other project is a surprise. but I’ll let you know about it Monday…hopefully.



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2 responses to “Cool Stuff

  1. Rose~

    Hi Jeremy,

    What is the ‘Stop and Think’ debacle?

  2. Jeremy Weaver

    Stop and Think was a video produced by a pastor out of California in which he attempted to communicate the Gospel.

    There was a debate centered around the video among the reformed about whether it was ok to tell the lost that God loves them.

    I, of course, came down on the side of truth, justice, and biblical reasoning.

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