Further Reflections

I finally watched the Koppel special this evening. There’s really not much to say. The burden of proof is on the documentarians.

The denial of a bodily resurrection by Tabor seems more like a reaction to the possibility (in his mind at least) of the reamins of Jesus being found and not on Paul’s writings in 1 Corinthians 15, although he does prooftext from there. Darrell Bock answered him very well after he had been accused of not believing Paul, which I thought was hilarious.

It seems like these guys don’t even take the time to read the conservative perspective on anything. And I’m not just talking about Tabor and Jacobivici (I hope I spelled that right, and don’t expect me to try to pronounce it), but any liberal scholar who intends to debate any Biblical issue. It’s almost as though they think that anyone from a conservative mindset does not have the sense to write a book and if they do it doesn’t even merit a cursory reading.

Tabor would do well to read this book, if he hasn’t already.

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