So What Of It?

Did you watch the Science Fiction documentary last night? I watched it but ‘TIVOed’ the Ted Koppel special. So don’t ruin that for me.

I was struck by two points.

First, the Docu-drama begins with an ‘if’ and everything that continued from there was built upon that ‘if’ and along the way, more ‘ifs’ were added. And yet these ‘ifs’ were morphed into ‘facts’.

Second, why didn’t they tell us what that symbol above the door of the tomb meant? They found the same symbol on Peter’s ossuary, (if we believe that to be Peter’s). That was the most intriguing point for me, and they din’t even attempt to answer it.

Oh well….



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2 responses to “So What Of It?

  1. Joe

    I did not watch it.

    Truthfully, I forgot about it.

  2. pilgrim

    There was no money to be gained from exploring the symbols. Nor would it soothe their conscience.

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