‘Turkism’ Of The Week

Frank Turk has one of my favorite blogs in the whole wide world. His is one of the few blogs that I make a point of reading every day, comments and all.
Another blog that I read every day, and generally scan the comments just to see how Turk has responded (and PJ too, I guess) is Pyromaniacs.
Today in the comments at Pyro I came across this gem, by the beloved Centuri0n,

Every time I mull this matter over, I always find myself asking the question, “Self: if Christians are so in-tune to culture, why is it that we are always the last ones to tune in to a cultural trend rather than being cultural trend-setters?”

Because the surest sign that something is dead in the culture is that some Christian someplace has glommed onto it for an evangelistic strategy.

Profoundly simple. What’s left to be said?



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3 responses to “‘Turkism’ Of The Week

  1. Garry Weaver

    That might be the Turkism for the year. The year is still young, though, so we’ll hafta keep watchin’ his blog and Pyro for more.

  2. Jeremy Weaver


  3. stauf46

    Francis Schaeffer dumbed down for a blog sound bite, so to speak.

    I’m not sayin’ that’s bad or anything, I like it!

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