Here’s what happened…

I didn’t have time to even start on the last part of the series yesterday. That’s why there’s no IIIMC post for today. But Ihave three good excuses.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. And I’m married.
Last night was prayer meeting at our church.
Yesterday was my youngest son’s birthday. Danimal is six now.
Anyway, ther are like four other guys who can post on this blog and none of them have posted anything for two weeks. Well, Peter did post a link to a good article on Baptist Press, so he’s off the hook. Somebody else post something.



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2 responses to “Here’s what happened…

  1. D.J. Cimino

    I think I can speak for the rest of us when I say we all didn’t post anything recently because we didn’t want to detract from your important series on inspiration. Good work!

  2. Jonathan Moorhead

    A prayer meeting on Valentine’s Day night?! What the . . .

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