Rules For Theological Engagement

In June of this year I will have been blogging for two years. That’s not a very long time, I know. But hopefully it has been long enough for you to know a little bit about the way I think, assuming you’ve read the blog for a few months.

But I’ve got something to tell you about myself that you may not know. No matter how many times I may have bantered with you in the comments, either here or anywhere else, the majority of you do not know me. If you did know me you probably wouldn’t like me. Honestly, sometimes I’m a downright jerk.

Now if you want to continue or join our playful banter in the meta of a post, or whatever, that’s fine. And I’m going one step farther too. I have provided in my profile the address of my main email address. You can email me as much as you want to. Fill it up. It’s Gmail, so I’ve got the space for it. Email me whenever you feel like it. I usually respond to all of the email I receive.

But that’s it. Don’t go any farther than an email. Calls from strangers, while flattering, are also very creepy. Maybe one day in God’s providence we’ll be able to arrange a meeting, say at a conference or some such event. Then we may even exchange phone numbers (it really has happened!). And if we do, then and only then, will I expect a phone call from you.

But listen…you’ve got a Church family that needs your fellowship. Don’t make a hero out of someone you’ve never met, especially me. Your heroes and friends are in the congregation of your local assembly. They’re not on the internet. And that includes Piper, Sproul, Macarthur, or whoever your favorite preacher might be. If you want to talk theology with someone, start with your Pastor or start a theology study/discussion in your home.

Now…submit your questions! Ask me whatever you want to…either here or email me.

PS: This goes for any other blogger you might enjoy reading too. Good night and God bless you.



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12 responses to “Rules For Theological Engagement

  1. Rose~

    I really, really enjoyed reading this post!

  2. Steve Weaver

    OK! I’ll quit calling your cell phone.

  3. Steve Weaver

    By the way, can I post your cell phone number on my blog?

  4. Jeremy Weaver

    Sure! Why not?

  5. Peter D. Nelson

    So Jeremy in all seriousness when we first interacted it was in an adversarial manner. So knowing my particular theological bent (and even more so after my eschatalogical confession) why did you choose me to contribute to the blog?

  6. Jeremy Weaver

    By my sovereign grace as administrator over this blog, Peter.:-)

    Seriously, because theologically we are not that far apart, you read (not just new stuff but the old as well), you’ve got common sense, you are convinced of your positions only by Scripture, in our disagreement you didn’t take anything I said personally, and you didn’t ever offer anything that I could take personally.

  7. centuri0n

    Let me say, on Jeremy’s behalf, that getting phone calls from strangers is, indeed, creepy.

  8. D.J. Cimino

    OK, Jeremy. Why didn’t you just e-mail me to tell me to stop calling you?

  9. Rose~

    I think it was you that called us, right, Jeremy? I didn’t creep me out a bit.

    Then again, I can imagine if someone just called out of the blue, that would be pretty disconcerting. I would wonder, “How did they get my phone number?” Is that what it was like, Jeremy?

    I got a birthday card from someone, and it did surprise me, but I thought it was really nice.

  10. Jeremy Weaver

    Yeah, but you guys gave me your number and then asked me to call. Even so, I would have been creeped out if I had called myself, even with an invitation.

  11. ThirstyDavid

    I find calls from almost anyone creepy.

  12. Steve Weaver

    Thirsty David,

    Me too!

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