The Anger And Favor Of God

1 SAMUEL 2:22-36

Introduction: In this passage we see a life devoted to God, a life devoted to family, and two lives devoted to self. Only one of these lives receives God’s favor. The message of the prophet is a message of love for God, abandonment of the world, mortification of self, judgment upon sin, and the good news of a coming priest.

I. The Sins Of The Sons

A. Perverted Worship verses 12-17
B. Perverted Lives verses 22-25, 29

II. The Sins Of The Father

A. Hypocritical Service verse 29
B. Hypocritical Worship verse 29

III. The Judgment Of God

A. Immediate Judgment verse 34
B. Future Judgment verses 30-33, 36

IV. The Favor Of God

A. A Devoted Life (Samuel and Aaron Exodus 28:1)
B. Samuel Grows
C. A Faithful Priest (Samuel, Zadok 1 Kings 2:27, 35, Christ Heb 7:11)

Conclusion: Unlike the Ninevites, Eli did not receive this message of impending judgment with repentance. Instead Hophni and Phinehas are hardened and Eli is ambivalent, knowing the message to be true, yet he puts the vision in a category of ‘someday’. But today is the day of repentance. (2 Cor. 6:2) In Christ is the favorable time, and in him is our salvation. Turn from your sins to Christ or face the judgment of Almighty God. The day of his judgment is only a heartbeat away. Christ is the Priest who has offered himself as the perfect sacrifice for sins forever.
This message is for believers as well. Show your faith in Christ by living a life devoted to the worship of God. Love him, and love other as you do your own self.


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