Non-Repenting Repenting

By David Rosati

I’ve heard it in a lot of sermons. A call to repent for non-action in our Christian walk. Usually when the sermon touches on evangelism, but it could be almost any topic.

It sounds something like this: “Hear we see the Apostles and the early church going out and spreading the Gospel. Do we do this? Now, I know I don’t like I should. That’s something I need to repent of, and maybe you do too.”

And there are some “amens.” And the preacher moves on. But, you know, then you hear it again. And again. And I’ll wonder: when are we going to stop “repenting” of it and actually do what we’re supposed to be doing?

It’s almost like, as long as we admit that we should be doing whatever and we “repent” of not doing it, then our consciences are somehow eased and we forget about it until the next time it’s preached.

I think I need to repent of fake “repenting.”




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6 responses to “Non-Repenting Repenting

  1. Joe

    Some consider repenting to be more than just a change of mind about Jesus, they consider it to be a change of behavior toward sins of both commission and ommission.

  2. David Rosati


    I agree. If you’re not obeying a command, and you know it, and you feel bad and “repent” but you keep not obeying, then you haven’t really repented.

  3. Garry Weaver

    Right on target, David. Great post.

  4. Rileysowner

    Of course one can repent, change what they do, and then find that after a while they have slipped back into that old sin of omission or commission. Then repentance is needed again. Due to the remaining sinful nature in us this is part of Christian life. As Luther said in the first of his 95 Theses, “When our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, said “Repent”, He called for the entire life of believers to be one of repentance.”

    Having said that, I am not saying it to disagree with your observation, but rather to give a reminder that repentance is not as easy as one might like. Further, if one repents, and even for a short time there is no change, or they think repenting is only a mental thing, and not a change also in how one acts, then repenting is not repenting at all, and needs to be repented of.

    If that sentence makes any sense I will be surprised. šŸ™‚

  5. Bren

    I am curious if this is the David that I know… Do the names Chris and Alina ring a bell?

  6. Bren,

    That is the David you know. We attend the same Church. However he does not usually check out the blog.

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