Evangelical Jargon (Say Wha’?)

Decipher this for the person you want to give the Gospel to.

God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.

I don’t know where my brother got it from (it can’t be original, it’s too funny), but he has said it like this;

“God loves you and I have a wonderful plan for your life.”

I suspect that’s what most people actually mean when they say it too.



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3 responses to “Evangelical Jargon (Say Wha’?)

  1. Peter D. Nelson

    Today in Bible Study we talked a little bit about this I mentioned that particular phrase. But I don’t think we’ve brought that particular spin to it.

  2. Well,

    God does love you….
    And He does have a plan (purpose is more like it) for your life….

    These are true statements, but in my opinion they should not be used as a “bait” for people to come to Christ. It’s very shallow.

    I think the church world adopted this style back a few years ago. It fits for easy believe-ism.

    Grace to you,

  3. Thanks for the comment, Richard.

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