Defining ‘Amillenialism’

Here’s a definition of Amillenialism I found in the glossary of my Baptist Study Bible.

Amillenialism. The initial “a” is a negative particle; therefore the term means “no millennium.” Adherents to this system of thought anticipate no future earthly manifestation of Christ’s kingdom. They view passages such as Rev. 20:1-6 as figurative and in some sense fulfilled through the reign of Christ (1) in the hearts of believers, and/or (2) in heaven, meaning that to them we are in the Millennium now.

I already know what I think, you tell me what you think about this definition.



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4 responses to “Defining ‘Amillenialism’

  1. Steve Weaver

    I think it’s a false definition.

  2. Jeremy Weaver

    No…it’s real. I’m looking at it right here in black and white.

  3. Peter D. Nelson

    Anthony Hoekema says this: The term amillennialism is not a happy one. It suggests that amillennialists either do not believe in any millennium or that they simply ignore the first six verses of Revelation 20, which speak of a millennial reign. Neither of these two two statements is true. Though it is true that amillennialists do not believe in a literal thousand-year earthly reign which will follow the returnof Christ, the term amillennialism is not an acurate description of their view.

    This from your token postmillennialist I know. However, from what I see the issue is that people tend to want to define the millennium on an earthly basis thus rejecting any other view.

  4. Jeremy Weaver

    The definition says that Amillennialists believe there is “no future earthly manifestation of Christ’s kingdom.”

    That is as far from true as you can get. I suppose this is why one friend told me I am, “Platonic-ish and Gnostic-ish”.

    You would think that if you’re writing a definition of a term that you would try to get it as close to right as possible. This doesn’t even come close.

    And Peter, I also have from the same authority that Postmillennialists don’t believe that the millennium is a personal reign of Christ.

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